Predictive Index Testing

Scott Greenwood is owner, CEO and Chief Consultant of Greenwood Mgmt Resources, a Business Solutions Consolidator.

A retired Certified PI® Analyst / PI Practitioner and Certified Partner of THE PREDICTIVE INDEX, he continues to be a true supporter of the PI mantra, "HIRE SMART. INSPIRE GREATNESS".

Prior to his career using Predictive Index® solutions, for decades he owned and managed a successful financial services company, giving Scott the business experience to be able to quickly identify appropriate solutions for his clients. In 1995 he started to use the Predictive Index® in that financial services company. By applying the data-driven insights from science based human capital analytics, his company enjoyed record productivity and profitability. A few years later he sold the financial services business and changed careers in order work full time, placing powerful workforce analytics in the hands of clients so they can self prescribe the best course of action in their own companies to become more effective, efficient, dynamic, and profitable.

Scott has consulted with companies of all sizes in many industries including but not limited to franchise operations, retail chains with over 300 locations, wholesale, hospitals, distributors, nursing homes, multi-billion dollar financial institutions and insurance, professional staffing firms, nonprofits, security design and installation, high tech firms, vehicle dealerships, engineering design and manufacturing, hospitality, printing firms, colleges and universities, recreation, resort management, construction, HVAC, plumbing, "big data" firms, and marine operations.

Now an experienced solutions consolidator, he works with business leaders to uncover their strategic challenges and various workforce management issues. Then, by leveraging his broad experience and global connections he finds the "best fit" solutions and introduces his client leaders to the solutions sources. His unique selling proposition? He charges no fees to his clients!

Scott continues to pave the way for CEOs to successfully execute their key business priorities.